Complex «Zgarda» is situated in the center of the village Polianitsa in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Village Polianitsa is located in alpine valley Prutets, in the central part of Ukrainian Carpathians in the mountain massif Horhan, on the 920 m high under the sea level.

Near the «Zgarda» in 2,5 km is situated the biggest ski resort in Ukraine - Bukovel, which in winter delights its visitors by snowy mountains, unforgettable panoramas and different winter games, evening events (for the loud parties lovers).

Comfortable location of «Zgarda» allow its residents and guests discover the beauty and history of Carpathians. Slopes of mountains covered by mixed and coniferous forest, makes this land attractive for backpackers. To the northwest of the village Polianitsa lay pedestrian pass Stoly, mountain Chomiak, which is popular post in pedestrian weekend tours. Pedestrian tours are well spotted. Wonderful views on mountains and spines are opening to you from the hill of Chomiak mountain: Syniak and Dovbushanka (on the northwest), Yavirnyk (on the north), Lisniv (on the east), then the spine Rocket with Lysyna Kosmatska. On the northwest you can see Montenegrin massif with Hoverla.

Also we cooperate with travel agency «100 stezhyn», which propose different excursion tours. To more information and details text here:

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Pavilions and grill

You can order a comfortable gazebo for a comfortable stay by contacting the administrator or by phone. + 38 (067) 235-06-87.

  1. Using the gazebo - free.
  2. Using barbecue facilities – free.
  3. Grill grateskewer – free.
  4. A box of firewood for barbecue – 35 UAH.
  5. Disposable tableware can be purchased at the bar.