This rules establish order of living in «Zgarda», rules of using the property of hotel and amount of services.

Activity of our hotel is regulated by «Rules of using hotels and similar accommodation and providing hotel services» from 16.03.2004 №19, Ukrainian Law «About tourism» and other laws of Ukraine.

Payment time – 12:00
Placement from 14:00 to 18:00
Schedule of work - day and night

Placement. For the placement you have to show your passport (or another document proving your identity) and fill the blank a set form.

Booking the room, prepayment. If you booked your room and confirm it, we guarantee you that this room which is in your booking, will be reserved for you. In case you pay prepayment, paid value credited to the payment of services actually provided.

Placement less than one day. If you live in the room less than one day, payment will be for the whole day, regardless of payment time.

Signing the contract. When we register guests placement, guest sign up on the register card, which prove contract and providing services.

Kids placement. Kids to the age of five are placing free. Without taking additional places.

Parking a car. Guests who come by its own transport, can use our free parking, which is on the territory, if there is a free places.

Animals. You can come with your animal only with preliminary agreement about this.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs. Smoking in rooms is prohibited. Drinking alcohol and taking drugs – is PROHIBITED.

Using safe. Every room has a safe, where guests can take their valuables. Administration is not responsible for the loss of money, foreign currency, valuable documents, credit cards, jewelry and other valuables.

Silence. From the 22:00 to 8:00 on the territory of complex and inside of the buildings you have to keep silence, it is obligatory to warn administration about your coming to your room after 22:30.

Safety rules. Guestrooms forbidden to use additional appliances (multicookings, electric steamer) except where these devices are standard equipment of room or issued for use by staff. Coming out of your room, you have to close the taps, turn off lights, televisions and other devices.

Cleaning rooms. Bed linen change every 5 days, towels are carried out every 3 days. Possible extraordinary change of linen. Housekeeping, once in three days. The current cleaning from 10:00 to 12:00. If necessary to an additional cleaning - notify the administrator. Please go to the hotel only in slippers or change your shoes.

Additional Services. Guests can use the additional services the hotel. Ordering and payment services can be done at a convenient time administrator.

Discounts. Discounts are provided for regular customers or in accordance with the existing event.

Visitors to the guests. Staying in a room visitors allowed from 8:00 to 23:00 only if administration and guest agreed.

Forgotten things. In case of guest forgot some things, the administration shall notify the owner. Forgotten items are kept for 1 month. In case of loss of things by guest, the guest should immediately notify the administrator. If guest doesn’t tell about forgotten or damaged things, considered that it doesn’t happened.

Task losses. If the damage of property due to the fault or negligence of guests and / or visitors, is an act of standard pattern. Guest pays an amount that covers the caused material damage.

Violation of internal rules of residence. If the guest repeatedly violates internal policies, leading to material damage or creates inconveniences to other accommodation, the administration has the right to refuse or terminate the settlement agreement (to carry out the eviction).